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Here you are, enjoying your mid-morning coffee, or winding down on your commute home, and you’re looking for a handful of insightful reads that not only pass the time but add value to your everyday…

The good news is, you’ve come to the right place. Our 5-minute reads are specially designed for the knowledge-hungry coffee drinker, the over-achieving commuter, and everyone else who wants to start tomorrow off by being better than they are today.

This is a place where we share our opinions on the news that’s either affected us or our clients in recent days and weeks. From current affairs, to changes in the industry, to popular psychology, we cover a range of topics that ensures the 5-minutes you have now are well spent.

Do unto others – why content marketing works

Last night on my way home I was doing some ‘light’ reading on the basic laws of social psychology (okay, maybe not ‘light’) when I came across ‘The Reciprocation Rule’. This rule, which is based on the human tendency to feel obliged to reciprocate, states...

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Return of the Vernac – why you need a website audit

Have you ever come across a word that you thought had been put to rest somewhere around a decade ago and found yourself thinking, ‘Is that back?!’ (If you’ve seen that Friends episode where Ross tries to bring back ‘The Ross-A-Tron’ you’ll know what I...

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The proof is in the Tweet

Do you remember back in November, when Twitter announced they were increasing their word count from 140 characters to 280? Remember the outrage it sparked? Remember how the company was publicly criticized and mocked (causing enough of a fuss for the...

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What are your 3 words?

Here at JTN, we have a ‘resources’ channel in our Slack workspace, where we post anything we come across that we think might be useful or inspiring to other members of the team. On Friday, Melissa posted something in it that really caught my attention....

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Do you use your default browser?

I’m reading an awesome book at the moment, which looks at how non-conformists drive change in the world, and I wanted to share a story with you from a chapter that has really stuck in my head. The story goes something like this; Michael Housman, the chief...

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