In his book of the same name Dr. Henry Cloud describes 3 types of “necessary ending” in all types of relationship… using the analogy of a rose bush.

Cloud says that consistent “pruning” of sub-optimal relationships (branches) is absolutely necessary in order to foster personal and professional growth (a healthy rose bush).

Of course, there are clear similarities between Cloud’s rose bush and the relationships you have with your clients.

We all know we must remove ourselves from toxic or destructive personal relationships (right? RIGHT?!) and the same goes for client relationships that have completely broken down for whatever reason.

But what about the client relationships that are just… well… ok.

So so.

Ticking along.

Neither good (profitable AND personally/professionally fulfilling) or bad.

Henry identifies three parts of the rose bush that ALL need to be gotten rid of…

  1. Healthy buds or branches that are not the best ones
  2. Sick branches that are not going to get well
  3. Dead branches that are taking up space needed for healthy ones to survive.

Often you have to say goodbye to the good in order to say hello to the great…