Outsourcing has previously been seen as taboo, with many associating it with a company that is struggling or lacking in-house capabilities. However, there are so many positive elements that businesses have overlooked, until now.

In the past few years, outsourcing has become an extremely popular option for smaller and medium sized companies. Not only does it help them to remain competitive in an ever-growing business world because they’re able to work with specialised experts, but it also frees up time from tasks that would have usually occupied several hours or days.

The bottom line: it saves time and employment costs and ensures expertise.

A lot of businesses have started outsourcing the monitoring of their finances. To do this job in-house would mean you’d need to be trained in a certain area, and if your company is quite lean, finance may not be something you or any of your employees specialise in.

One option could be to hire someone full-time. However if you are a small company, then that might not fill an entire day’s work and it could also cost a lot of money (on-boarding expenses, salary, benefits). This is when you might consider outsourcing to an agency who has experts in that chosen field.

Marketing is another popularly outsourced service. It is something that companies can’t function without, but it can also demand a lot of time from employees. In addition, if you are running a small firm for instance, marketing may not be something you or your employees are trained in. You may also have minimal knowledge of how to monitor and nurture the success of marketing campaigns.

Outsourcing to a marketing agency allows a company to grow both in size and success. This is because they will have the time to focus on their business’ primary area of expertise while reaping the benefits of a reliable flow of leads and potential clients.

Endless Benefits

Outsourcing opportunities are endless and the rise in its popularity is forever growing. In a recent study conducted by Deloitte, they found that 57% of companies outsource to enable ‘focus on core business’. This means that instead of having the distraction of odd jobs outside of your field of expertise, you could have more time to focus on your primary job function and business objectives.

Some other reasons companies are choosing to outsource are;

  • Saving money on employment costs (salaries, benefits etc.)
  • Enhancing the quality of the company’s primary workload and,
  • Gaining expert knowledge and know-how from a specialist

We at JTN actively encourage small to medium sized companies to outsource parts of their business. Many are still blind to the benefits of outsourcing to agencies or freelancers. If you can save money and produce high-quality assignments at a faster pace, then why wouldn’t you outsource?