Nowadays, it’s rare for anyone to go a day without checking their phone or browsing online on their computer – we’re all obsessed! However, this obsession opens up an entirely new playing field for businesses and the promotion of their services or products.

Previously, when it came to social media and email marketing, brands were confined to only sending out messages during the working day. Today, however, marketing automation eliminates these restrictions – we’re now able to send out communications when we’re not even at a computer.

There are many different tasks that can be automated, but the two most common ones for marketing a business are email automation and social media automation, both of which allow you to reach your target audience at all hours of the day.

Email Automation

Email automation works by sending out your content according to how you schedule it. If you write an email that you want to go out to a British audience at 9am GMT on a Tuesday, fear not, you don’t have to wake up at 4am to press send. Instead, you can pre-schedule the email to be sent out on the day you want, at the time you want – it’s that simple!

Social Media Automation

Social media works in the same way. Instead of posting at random hours throughout the day, automation allows you to spend 30 minutes each morning scheduling posts to go out at whatever times you choose. By doing this, you’re not only saving yourself time, but it means that you can tick one thing off of your list before it’s even 10am!


Once you start to make the most of automation, you open yourself up to a whole new world of marketing. Not only can you post through the night, but you can also schedule posts during the working day to save time.

There are many different social media and email automation tools to choose from. Have a look at a list below to help you get started:

Social Media Automation Tools

Email Marketing Automation Tools

It’s vital that your marketing doesn’t stop at the end of the working day. Your ideal clients are active online at all hours and are more likely to take the time to read a blog during their downtime. To make the most of this opportunity, try implementing automation into your own marketing strategy.

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