Nowadays, people are expecting a lot from businesses, more specifically, they expect more from sales and marketing.

No longer will ‘in your face’ marketing work, firms know when they are being sold to and they’re likely to ignore it. Instead, you must attract them first, interest them and educate them about what you’re offering. With such a crowded and competitive market place, any opportunity to set yourself apart and demonstrate value that others don’t is valuable.

One approach that businesses are starting to embrace is thought leadership marketing. As experts in their chosen industry, thought leaders share their knowledge with their target audience, as a way of promoting their business.

This new approach to marketing is very effective as it appeals to the new way businesses audiences are consuming information and engaging with brands.

The aim of thought leadership marketing is to avoid sales-heavy content. Instead, the focus is on selling your services through sharing your knowledge and demonstrating your industry expertise. This helps to teach your audience how they can benefit from purchasing your product or service.


Marketing is  evolving, with thought leadership at the forefront. If your business wants to stay ahead of the competition, embracing this new form of marketing will put you in a stronger position to stay on top of change.

Businesses in B2B industries need to move away from the more traditional forms of marketing, to embrace thought leadership.

There are various ways you can demonstrate thought leadership, the most common include:

  • Long and short form content that delivers engaging, actionable advice
  • Events  (attending, hosting or presenting)
  • Social media
  • Online forums and discussion groups

By sharing this kind of information, you can show them how to become thought leaders in their own industries, while demonstrating the value of your advice. This in turn will keep your business front of mind for when they’re ready to invest in services like yours.

If you want to learn more don’t hesitate to get in touch – do let us know what industry you’re in, and a member of our senior team with experience working with firms like yours will get back to you.