LinkedIn is the black sheep of the social media family. It’s overlooked, downplayed, and regularly poopooed, but there are a number of features that can make marketing your firm and getting in front of the right audience much easier. You just need to know WHAT they are and how to use them.

According to Statista, there are currently around 467 million members signed up around the world. It’s the #1 social channel that’s tailored to professionals and businesses wishing to share their industry interests, past and current jobs, and business achievements online.


It’s also the #1 networking channel that helps employees move from one job to another, and employers to find fresh new talent.

With 64% of social referrals to a company’s website [coming] from LinkedIn’ (Econsultancy, 2013), it is THE social media channel for your business if you want more traction and higher engagement on your services/products. 

But before any of that can happen, you first need a business account. That means designating a member of your team as the account administrator (they will be responsible for adding other admins, checking that the page is updated regularly, and responding to comments and queries left by other LinkedIn users) and trusting them to be your firm’s social representative and brand ambassador.

Your designated administrator should be regularly sharing their industry knowledge and insight with your followers (don’t worry if that person doesn’t know all the ropes yet, this information can be gleaned from you or other senior members of the team). LinkedIn is the perfect place to share and connect with likeminded individuals, clients, and businesses, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, not missing out on opportunities to connect with others, and getting in front of your target audience.

‘In 2016, 29% of American adults were using LinkedIn’ (Pew Research). Although that seems like a sizeable chunk of active members, it’s relatively low in comparison to the 79% who were actively using Facebook.

But quantity isn’t everything. LinkedIn’s members make up a much better quality audience. Where LinkedIn excels is in the gathering of personal and business data that’s effectively gold dust (where millions of individuals work, their job titles, locations, and experience plus TONS more). This all works towards keeping your targeting focused when you’re running paid ad campaigns, which results in a lower cost-per-click and less wasted spend.

While LinkedIn might be seen as the channel that’s taken the longest to earn its stripes amongst the giants (Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram), in the race of generating B2B business leads and connections, slow and steady has undoubtedly won.

What To Consider When Building A LinkedIn Profile…

It’s important to remember that you’re at the disposal of your followers on ANY social media channel. If you want to become the obvious choice for your audience, it’s critical that you provide them with a consistent stream of interesting, relevant, fresh content that educates, entertains, and informs.

Churning out the same content as your competitors puts you at risk of reduced engagement, which will impact your ability to retain existing clients (who have a higher lifetime value) and attract new ones.

Phase out the hard-sell from both your personal and business profiles, and focus on building the kinds of relationships with your audience that they care about and want to engage with. You’ll find that it’s easier to make new connections, push your content out further, and reach bigger pools of ‘right-fit’ prospective clients.

Things to consider when building your personal and business LinkedIn profiles:

  • Post frequently as you’ll increase the likelihood of attracting prospects by reaching out to them more.
  • Duplicate posts from earlier that month, but change some of the wording. Your followers’ newsfeeds update regularly and your post will likely get lost among other posts.
  • Start generating conversations in LinkedIn groups or in comments sections. This gives your firm a voice which in turn becomes memorable.
  • Reply to ANY comment that you receive (the good, the bad and the ugly) – it can lead to new business, repaired relationships, and can help to build trust.
  • Check everything! With so many eyes on what you post, one small mistake could really damage your firms’ reputation.

If you want to get more leads for your firm, start building your firm’s LinkedIn profile. For tips and recommendations on how to maximise your digital presence and how to make it work for you, get in touch. A member of our senior team will be happy to chat to you about your business needs.

If you don’t want to chat at this stage, then check out our guide “The Self Managing Client Attraction Process” which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to generate new leads – all by yourself!