The world is happily waving goodbye to the dated purchasing journey of the pre-digital age and warmly welcoming a new friend, self-selection.

Self-selection: The act of educating oneself through online research with the aim of learning about a potential provider/service in order to eliminate those that don’t fit your criteria.


The savvy, modern buyer won’t even think about picking up the phone to speak to your sales rep before checking out social media accounts, product reviews, YouTube tutorials, industry reports… the list goes on!

Your online presence means prospects can research everything about you (right down to where you went for your last staff party!) without even leaving their desk.

The sophistication of the B2B buyer’s initial research means they can filter your firm out before you even knew they were looking. In essence, they are able to educate themselves to the point of ‘self-selection’.

‘How can I retain power in the selection process when I don’t even know who’s looking at my business?’


With all this silent and stealthy activity going on, it’s easy to feel like your firm is losing control and powerless in the selection process.

But the truth is, you’ve got more power than you think. And if you use it wisely, you’ll not only acquire consistent leads, you’ll also do some filtering of your own…which means less time wasted on unideal clients!

“How can I actually do that?” I hear you asking…

Great question!

The best way to approach the self-selection puzzle is to put a process in place that means you’ll always be ready to have a conversation, and drive it in the direction you want it to go.

The responsibility is on you to lead the conversation you’re having with prospects–not the other way around. And this means your online presence needs to positively engage your target audience, every step of the way.

Here at JTN, we implement a 3-step ‘Self-Managing Client Attraction Process’ for our clients that handles this for them! It involves:

  1. Promoting quality content that will ATTRACT the specific target audience they want.
  2. An automated follow-up process, which RESPONDS with instant and ongoing personalized content, whenever a prospect indicates interest in the business.
  3. A pre-qualification process to help firms CONVERT the leads that meet their criteria and have been pre-sold on their services.

Sounds easy enough, right? It is! And the best part is, it’s self-managing. So, once it’s in place, it doesn’t take much effort to keep it running.

‘One client DOUBLED their revenue and net profit within 9 months of engaging JTN’


This is a proven process that delivers results. We use it, not only for our own business, but for our clients’ businesses as well.

At this point you’re probably thinking, ‘well if it’s so easy, I’ll just do it myself’. And fair enough–the process isn’t complicated.

But to get the results, we recommend you have the expertise to:

  • Know where and how to place your advertising so that you spend wisely–and maximize your returns.
  • Write GOOD copy, for both your front-end incentive and follow up communication, that will really resonate with your target audience.
  • Get the most out of your marketing automation platform.

Take a look at our guide if you’d like to find out more about our power-packed process.

Our in-house team of technicians, copywriters and marketing strategy experts have driven all the success we’ve had with this process that delivers the only thing that counts. Results.

If you’d like to experience similar results, or just explore if our self-managing client attraction process would work for your agency, get in touch.