Inundated by choice, modern consumers now expect every digital exchange to have a brand behind it that they can investigate. Yes, employment agencies, that means even you need to brand yourself! 

By branding yourself, you are effectively rolling out the welcome mat for candidates. And they’re far more likely to knock on your door if they feel welcome. 

But it goes a step further than simply making them feel welcome.

90% of recruiters say the market is candidate-driven (Source: Glassdoor)


With Google never much further away than a pocket or a handbag, candidates can now instantly measure you against their own set of criteria before deciding whether or not to engage with you.

Needless to say, how you come across online is very important.

By the end of this blog, you’ll know how to brand yourself so that you ensure you are consistently putting out the right message and therefore attracting the right candidates.

An employment agency’s guide to online branding:

  1. Review your online presence

    Whether you’ve already started digitally marketing your agency or not, it’s important to investigate what your audience could see if they were to search you right now.

    Step into your target audiences shoes. Is what you see appealing? Do you want to know more? Do you feel encouraged by what you’ve found?

    There are plenty of examples that prove targeting a very specific audience, or narrowing the scope of your brand, leads to greater success than trying to attract anyone and everyone.

    Make sure you know exactly whose shoes you are stepping into before answering the above questions.


  2. Delete irrelevant channels

    There’s no point in spreading yourself too thin in the attempt to appeal to everyone.

    Again, you need focus on your target audience. Do some research to find out what channels they are using, and focus on those.


  3. Delete bad content

    Remove anything that isn’t relevant, or doesn’t attract your target audience.

    Content for content’s sake won’t just disappear into the digital abyss. Bad or irrelevant content will confuse your audience and damage your reputation.


  4. Make your channels look good

    ‘Beauty’s only skin deep’ is a thing of the past. If your channels don’t look good, prospects will move on to your competition faster than you can say, ‘but we’ve got a great personality.’

    Make sure your website has a modern appearance and is easy to navigate. Spruce up your social media channels with professional-looking profile pictures, punchy (search engine optimized) bios and eye-catching images with each post.

    Most importantly, you need to ensure you create a unified brand presence that is consistent across all channels. This ensures that no matter where or when your target audience finds you, they recognize you.


  5. Create content to engage your target audience

    Through the creation and distribution of valuable content you will attract your target audience, gain their trust, foster loyalty and build a reputation as a thought leader.

    The tricky part is actually creating content that does all of this. With information everywhere, catching the attention of the modern consumer is harder than ever.

    Here at JTN we can help you devise a road map for not only breaking through the noise, but for building a long-term following that can help you get more mileage out of your content more regularly.

Sound interesting?

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