Content attention grabbers are vital assets for any business that wants to generate new leads.


Well, how many times have you said to yourself “that firm I’ve never noticed will really help me solve my business problem?”

Never, right? In fact, I’d bet no one has ever said that.

The point is, your ideal client can’t indicate an interest in your firm unless you first exist in their world. And you won’t exist in their world until you grab their attention.

But in this advertising-allergic, always-on culture that we live in, that’s much easier said than done.

64% of ad blocker users do so because they believe ads are annoying or intrusive. (Source: Hubspot)


Now, before you read on, first put yourself in your ideal clients’ shoes.

Okay. You’ll now find five examples of attention grabbers below that will help you understand your audience’s pain points.

These attention grabbers will enable you to write and publish content that your audience will find relevant (relevancy is key if you want to rank highly on search engine results pages), valuable, and worthy of their time investment.

You may use the following examples to title and inform your next content piece–they’ll ultimately help you interrupt browsing unobtrusively and get your firm noticed ahead of the competition.


1. The Report

Attention Grabber: The State of [INDUSTRY & INDUSTRY RELEVANT TOPIC] in 2018

Why this works: Besides being a primary research resource for your target audience that consists of highly valuable and insightful information, publishing reports will help you to build authority in your industry. The more authority you hold, the more respected and trusted you will become.


2. The Video Tutorial

Attention Grabber: 5 time saving tips to get [SPECIALIST TASK] done

Why this works: Producing video forces you to simplify and condense your message if you want to hold your audience’s attention–which, when successfully done, means you become the go-to firm for demystified information.

By speaking their language, you’re demonstrating to the Average Joe that you’re a true expert who doesn’t need to hide behind jargon and buzz words.


3. The Template

Attention Grabber: Never put your foot in it again: the ultimate free email template that keeps your clients happy

Why templates work: Templates are an effective way to provide your audience with real-world examples of how you, as an expert, recommend approaching their problem, how you can relate to their experience, and how you have had previous successes doing so.


4. The Infographic

Attention Grabber: A simple solution to the [COMPLEX PROCESS] problem

Why this works: Simplifying and communicating a complex problem takes intelligence, experience, and time–and there’s nothing more satisfying than discovering an easier way to do or explain something.

By demonstrating your ability to get to the crux of an issue, you’re demonstrating your skill and expertise.


5. The Consultation

Attention Grabber: Request your free 20-minute consultation with a [INDUSTRY] industry specialist

Why this works: Free consultations demonstrate assuredness and that you have the ability to solve any problem that comes your way. It’s also a great way to judge the market for your services, and enables you to filter the serious inquiries from the ‘maybe-laters’ and tyre-kickers.

After all, if someone clicks for a consultation, it’s likely that they want to buy.

Fill your attention grabbers with genuinely useful information that target specific pain points (make sure you actually deliver when the reader clicks or downloads your offering), and your target audience will be drawn to it. Not only that, it will positively impact you reputation and put you front of mind every time your audience is in the market for your services.


And, because your attention grabbers are so useful, you can ask for something in return–like permission to contact whoever downloads your content or requests to learn more about your firm.

Using content to gather contact details not only consistently delivers a stream of interested new leads directly into your sales funnel, it also saves you enormous time and effort of hunting for those nuggets of highly valuable information yourself.

So when we say ‘vital’, we really mean vital.

If you’re keen to get the ball rolling with attention grabbers and attention-grabbing content, but aren’t sure where to start or are worried that you don’t have the expertise to produce content that will be worth the investment, get in touch.

We specialize in creating attention grabbers that continually produce eager inquiries, so that you always get the most from your marketing budget.

Let us do what we do best, so that you can get on with what you do best.