Content “attention grabbers” are vital assets for any business that wants to generate new leads.


Well, how many times have you said to yourself “that firm I’ve never noticed will really help me solve my recruitment problem?”

Never, right? In fact, I’d bet no one serious has ever said that.

The point is, your ideal client can’t indicate an interest in your firm unless you first exist in their world. And you won’t exist in their world until you grab their attention

But in this advertising-allergic, always-on culture that we live in, that’s much easier said than done.

64% of ad blocker users do so because they believe ads are annoying or intrusive. (Source: Hubspot)


To break through the noise and grab attention, you need to produce magnetic content that is irresistible to your target audience.

Now, before you read on, first put yourself in your ideal clients’ shoes.

Okay. You’ll now find five examples of attention grabbers below that will help you understand your audience’s pain points.

These attention grabbers will enable you to write and publish content that your audience will find relevant (relevancy is key if you want to rank highly on search engine results pages), valuable, and worthy of their time investment.

You may use the following examples to title and inform your next content piece–they’ll ultimately help you interrupt browsing unobtrusively and get your firm noticed ahead of the competition.

(Remember – you MUST be firmly inside your clients’ shoes before going any further!)


1. The Report

The problem…

If you don’t have much time to spend searching for the ideal candidate, and are trying to build a business case for why you should hire a recruitment firm to do it for you, what would stand out to you in a quick Google search?

It might be a downloadable report that details what other firms in the industry are doing, or a white paper that analyses the risks of hiring the wrong person for a role.

The solution…

We recommend trying: ‘How much the wrong hire will actually cost.’


2. The Video Tutorial

The problem:

If you had a sky-high pile of resumes on your desk, and a million-and-one other very important tasks to get through that day, what shortcut or quick fix do you think might catch your eye?

It might be a a video tutorial or webinar walking you through some productivity hacks that help you to scan a bunch of resumes faster.

The solution:

We recommend trying ‘5 time-saving tips for spotting your next hire’


3. The Template

The problem:

If you had never hired before, or hadn’t hired for a specific role, what sort of practical content would you be looking for to help you attract the right type of candidate?

It might be a downloadable set of done-for-you templates that help you to create and publish perfect job descriptions. Don’t forget to remind them that recruiting the best candidates takes specialized skills-skills that your firm has.

The solution:

Try ‘Job description templates that get your ad seen by the right candidate’


4. The Infographic

The problem:

If you need to persuade a key decision maker of a staff shortage within your team, how could you make a ton of information easily digestible while putting forward a convincing business case?

It might be an infographic highlighting how and why that role will contribute to bigger picture business objectives, and the benefits of using a recruitment firm to find the right candidates.

The solution:

We recommend trying: ‘Why your business needs a [INSERT JOB ROLE]’


5. The Consultation

The problem:

If you’re worrying about strategizing your next fives hires and when to hire them, where would you start looking for some answers?

It might be a quick Google search that returns an ad from a firm offering a free 20-minute phone consultation, and the promise to understand your pain and deliver a set of bespoke solutions.

The solution:

We recommend trying: ‘Get a free 20-minute consultation to understand the present and future talent you need hire to achieve your goals’

Fill your attention grabbers with genuinely useful information that targets specific pain points (make sure you actually deliver when the reader clicks or downloads your offering), and your target audience will be drawn to it. Not only that, it will positively impact your reputation and put you front of mind every time your audience is in the market for your services.


And, because your attention grabbers are so useful, you can ask for something in return – like permission to contact whoever downloads your content.

Using content to gather contact details not only consistently delivers a stream of interested new leads directly into your sales funnel, it also saves you enormous time and effort of hunting for those nuggets of highly valuable information yourself.

So when we say ‘vital’, we really mean vital.

If you’re keen to get the ball rolling with attention grabbers and attention-grabbing content, but aren’t sure where to start or are worried that you don’t have the expertise to produce content that will be worth the investment, get in touch.

We specialize in creating attention grabbers that continually produce eager inquiries, so that you always get the most from your marketing budget.

Let us do what we do best, so that you can get on with what you do best.