There seems to be a growing concern in society that advancing technology is having a negative impact on the way we communicate.

Just the other day, while I was having lunch at a little cafe near my home, I overheard two people talking passionately about their dislike of texting.

The conversation seemed to center around it being ‘lazy and impersonal’ while revering the written letter (‘like in the good old days’) as a much more respectable approach.

They seemed to think that digital communication is negatively impacting the standard of language we use, and is decreasing the effort we put into getting in touch with each other.

While there’s no doubt that technology is changing how we communicate, I do get frustrated by its demonization.

Don’t get me wrong, receiving a handwritten letter is great… But I would argue that it’s the message that’s more important than the medium.

And this resistance to digital communication stems from nothing more than the fact that humans hate change.

Socrates famously warned that writing would “create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls.”

Similarly, Swiss scientist Conrad Gessner cautioned that the amount of information available to humans in the modern world would be both ‘confusing and harmful’.

These warnings referred to the supposed idea that literacy would be harmful on memory, and that the flood of information unleashed by the printing press would be too much for our minds…

Warnings which are both easily comparable to the ‘always on’ digital communication that’s causing concern today.

My point is, new technologies have always been resisted and the ways of the past always romanticized.

But change is good. Change brings about opportunities for us to develop and improve what already is.

At the end of the day, technological advancements are inevitable. I say, rather than romanticizing the past and criticizing the present, focus on maintaining the clarity and intent of your message…regardless of the medium you’re using to share it.

Thanks to technology, you have the luxury of being able to market your firm to a bigger audience than ever previously possible. And, as history demonstrates, there’s no need to shy away.

So rather than resist change, embrace it.

My team and I can help you keep up-to-date, simultaneously creating clear messaging that really resonates whilst utilizing the communication channels that are most relevant to your firm in today’s society.

Get in touch if you’re ready to take the leap, but need some guidance on where to start.