As lead social strategist for JTN, one of the most common questions I get asked by our clients is ‘when are the best times to post on social media?’

So, in preparation for the start of the new year (it’ll come round faster than you think), I thought I’d write a blog demystifying this question, dotting it with a few other industry tips that I’ve learnt along the way.

This blog covers what days to post, what time to post, and how frequently you should be posting on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Brand Mentions has researched over 2 million posts to find the best time to post on Instagram


Knowing, and implementing, these tips can really effect the success of your efforts—making the time you spend perfecting a post more worthwhile.

Tip 1: Quality above all else

First and foremost, the most crucial thing to remember when it comes to social media is that if your content sucks, your engagement will suck.

It’s a harsh truth, but a truth nonetheless.

Social media users (all 2.789 billion of them) have an average of 5.54 accounts (Source: Brandwatch). With so many options available to them (and so much information being thrown at them), they are becoming increasingly picky with what they engage with.

If you put the quality of your content above all else, making sure it’s relevant, interesting and of a high standard, you’ll see your engagement soar.

Tip 2: The best times to post on social media

  • Midweek between 7am-8am, and 5-6pm are optimal posting times.
  • Tuesdays between 10-11pm are known for getting the most clicks and shares.
  • The worst time to post is weekdays between 10pm and 6am (it’s primarily a business networking site after all…)
  • According to Hubspot, once you exceed 5 posts per week your ROI drops quite substantially. This is probably because LinkedIn doesn’t want to bombard users feeds with content from the same company. If you have 100+ followers, I suggest sticking to between 2-5 posts per week.
  • Facebook has a very handy built-in analytics system which you can use to track when your followers are most active. I recommend using this to guide when you post, as activity varies depending on who your followers are.
  • Commonly, the highest engagement is seen on Saturdays and Sundays, with shares spiking around noon and 7pm.
  • On Fridays it’s said that people seem happier on social media (I wonder why…). Use funny or upbeat content to resonate with those that have the pre-weekend glow.
  • Facebook prioritizes fresh content, and punishes those who don’t get a lot of engagement but post often. I recommend posting once per day, until your posts start getting more engagement. Once you have a loyal following you can start to post more frequently.
  • Twitter gets a lot of traffic during work breaks and during the commute to and from work. For B2B businesses I always recommend tweeting on weekdays.
  • Clickthrough rates are highest on Wednesdays for B2B audiences.
  • Optimal times are between 12-3pm and peak time is around 5pm.
  • Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook, Twitter’s newsfeed is mostly chronological. This means the more you post, the more your content will be seen. While that isn’t an excuse to post bad content, or something that doesn’t make sense for your brand, it does make it the one platform that won’t penalize you for posting as much as you like.

Tip 3: Consistency is key

There’s nothing that will kill your engagement faster than a sporadic presence. Your followers will quickly lose interest if you’re quiet one week, then chatty Kathy the next.

People like to know that they can rely on your insightful tweet to pop up near the top of their feed every Wednesday on their commute home… we’re creatures of habit after all!

Tip 4: Ask an expert

The running of social media accounts is often (mistakenly, in my opinion) passed off as a task for a less experienced member of the team.

If they have their own accounts, they can surely run yours… right?


Creating and maintaining a strong social presence takes skill, experience and time. With all the benefits it provides for a business (see our blog ‘Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing’ if you’re not sure what those are) it really is worth investing in someone who has those skills.

My job here at JTN involves boosting the reach and presence of our clients’ social media accounts, allowing them to better position themselves as industry heavyweights. 

Whether you’re just coming around to the idea of social media marketing, or already have accounts but aren’t gaining much traction, the team and I can help you write, plan and produce content that will increase your follower base and get your agency noticed.

Knowing the best times to post on social media is just the tip of the ice berg. For a no strings attached conversation about how we can help drive your agency’s social media strategy forward, get in touch.