The year is 2025 and, despite many of the initial worries, recruiters haven’t been replaced by robots. Nope, here in the future robots and recruiters actually get along pretty harmoniously.

In fact, harnessing AI in the hiring process has been one of the best uses of technology that the industry has seen in decades.

But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself.

This story really starts way back in 2017, in a time where uncertainty littered workplace corridors and worry billowed out of office chimneys.

The cause of all of this concern?

The (relatively) new-kid-on-the-block, Artificial Intelligence. Any mention of this guy caused many of us recruiters to shake in our newly polished Chelsea Boots.

You see, back then there was one big question floating around in all of our minds when it came to AI;

‘Is it a threat to my job?’

As much as we hated to admit it, there were certain aspects of the hiring process that AI could do so much more efficiently than we could.

Sorting through resumes, screening social media profiles and combing through candidate applications is pretty redundant when a computer can do it in a third of the time, and with far more consistency.

To many of us, though, it felt like a noose tightening around our necks and as a result we tried our best to ignore the technology. We hoped that by sticking our heads in the sand, we might just cling on to our beloved profession…

But, like so many other industries, the fate of ours was set on its path the second AI became a reality—no matter how much ignoring we did. So, after a while, we begrudgingly pulled our heads out of the sand, dusted them off and started using them to figure out how we could avoid obsolescence.

And the answer was actually far more hopeful than we’d thought.

While computers covered the low-level sourcing activities, we could get stuck in to the good stuff; interviewing candidates, closing job offers and improving the quality of hires.

With man and bot working together, the hiring process became more efficient and more streamlined, ultimately producing higher quality results.   

It was a match made in heaven.


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