Quick question…

What does every single iPhone 6 owner have in common, besides an iPhone 6?

(Hint: It’s not a smugness that they can listen to music and charge their phones at the same time.)

No, it’s that at one point in their lives they all owned the U2 album ‘Songs Of Innocence’.

Whether they liked it or not…

If you’re an iPhone owner you’ll probably remember this debacle. If not, there’s a good chance you heard about it anyway (it was a real thing).

Back in 2014, in celebration of the release of the iPhone 6, Apple decided to ‘gift’ a U2 album to anyone who had an iTunes Music Store account.

Three days later, following uproar from the many iPhone owners who weren’t U2 fans, Apple (with their tail between their legs) had to create a special web page that allowed users to delete the album.

It was certainly a lesson learned for Apple, and should be for you if your business is leveraging content in its marketing strategy.

You see, content marketing needs to be sought out by your prospects. It can’t be forced down their throats, or it will almost definitely backfire.

Take the ‘generous’ album offering Apple attempted, for example…

People are still cooling off after that fiasco!

However, when it’s done right, content marketing serves as both a valuable resource for your ideal clients and validation of your firm’s knowledge and expertise. 

In essence, it acts like a brand ambassador that never sleeps.

Here at JTN, our expert copywriters and graphic designers don’t just create stunning, lead generating content. They also help you understand how to use it in order to get the best return on your investment.

With a team like that behind me, I can confidently say that if you’re looking for an agency to help get (or keep) your content marketing efforts on track— we’re your guy. 

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