So the way I see it, there are two types of people in this world.

Those who dream of the Techutopia—a world made better by the brilliance of technology—and those who dread it.

(Alternatively, there’s a pretty clear divide between those who like crunchy, and those who like smooth peanut butter… But I digress.)

A conversation I overheard yesterday got me thinking about this… About why people might be resistant to the idea of a machine-run world.

A young couple I was sat next to on the bus were discussing what they thought the world would look like in 50 years time.

And the picture they painted was pretty dismal.

While one of them imagined a world where the monochrome palette of the buildings camouflaged into the smoke-ridden sky, the other imagined identical streets in identical cities that allowed little room for individualism, character or personality.

Aka not a very positive view of the future.

Now if this is what everyone in the ‘Anti-Techtopia’ camp is imagining, then I can understand why there’s such a resistance.

But when I look at the way the world is going, all I see is a case for why the future will be more beautiful.

Think about it… What is it that currently puts a brand head and shoulders above their competition?

It’s beauty and simplicity.

Take Netflix, Apple or Tesla, for example. All brands that stand out from the crowd in terms of success.

But why?

Sure, they’re all leaders in technology in their respective industries, but there are plenty of other businesses breaking ground in that area.

What sets these brands apart is beautifully designed products, and a refusal to produce anything less.

As we head towards a future where machines will manage most mundane tasks, and humans will form deeper attachments to products/systems, it’s beautiful products and positive experiences that will become more important than anything else.

So, assuming that design is not important in your industry is short-sighted.

The fact of the matter is, your clients WILL care if what you offer them is poorly designed (if they don’t already), and they WILL choose the competition over you if they’re offered something more beautiful and simple to use/understand.

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