Today I came across an interesting quote that I hadn’t heard in years…

Like air and drinking water, being digital will be noticed only by its absence, not its presence.” — Nicholas Negroponte

What I find particularly remarkable about this quote is that it was said back in 1998, long before we truly understood how powerful digital could be, or how much we would end up relying on devices.

Reading this quote got me thinking about how tied we are to the online world. Today, the internet has a huge effect on how businesses are running and how they’re marketing themselves…or at least how they should be marketing themselves.

It always surprises me when a brand believes they ‘don’t need to be online’ (which happens more than you think!). By not having an online presence, they’re missing out on a lot of potential clients – they’re practically giving them away to their competitors.

Technology has created a culture of people who are always online. We use the internet to buy things, stay in contact with people, research information, keep up to date with the news and so much more. And this obsession with the world wide web is amplified by the fact that we’re always within reach of some sort of connection to the digital world. Whether it’s our smartphone, watch, tablet or laptop, we can now access the digital world through our fingertips.

This means that marketing should extend beyond weekdays between nine and five. In order to maximize reach, companies need to be marketing around the clock to get ahead of the competition and engage with potential clients that might be active out of working hours.

So, how can you do this? Unless you decide to hire employees who work 24/7, your best bet is to take advantage of your online presence and look at automating your marketing.

Automating or scheduling your marketing to be sent out during the hours you’re not in the office means you can stay connected with your audience while getting the downtime that we all need (but rarely find the time) to take.

If you’re interested in learning more about automating your marketing, or you want to create a more interactive marketing strategy for your company, get in touch.