I’m reading an awesome book at the moment, which looks at how non-conformists drive change in the world, and I wanted to share a story with you from a chapter that has really stuck in my head.

The story goes something like this;

Michael Housman, the chief analytics officer at Cornerstone (a company that sells software which helps employers recruit and retain employees), analyzed the data of 50,000 people who were successfully hired at a firm using their software, in the hopes that he’d find an answer to why they were successful.

He tried analyzing the data every way he could think of, but kept meeting dead-ends and inconclusive results.

He was just about to give up when a perplexing idea crept into his mind.

‘…Could it be? No, surely not!’

Housman tried comparing the browser that people were on while using the software, and was stunned by the results.

He found that people who were using Chrome, a browser that was not pre-installed on their computer, ended up staying at their jobs 15% longer, and performing better, than those who had stuck with the default browser.

Crazy, huh?

But when you think about it, it actually makes complete sense.

Taking the time to actively make a change that you think will improve your working day signals something about who you are at a fundamental level.

If you’re willing to reject a default browser because you know there is a better one out there, then you’re likely to reject other defaults in life too.

In other words, willing to go looking for the best way to do something… even if it means extra effort.

And it’s this, this approach to life, that every employer is searching for in a new employee.

Here at JTN, we offer a Team Accelerator Program that builds all-star teams full of the kind of people who live their lives rejecting the defaults.

It includes:

  • a team member instincts & strengths analysis to determine how each team member gets work done most efficiently,
  • an analysis of important missing skills to look for in future hires,
  • and advice and guidance on people management, on-boarding and managing difficult situations.

Don’t settle for the default. Take action to improve your firm today.