Here at JTN, we have a ‘resources’ channel in our Slack workspace, where we post anything we come across that we think might be useful or inspiring to other members of the team.

On Friday, Melissa posted something in it that really caught my attention. Something that I think warrants me asking you to take 5 minutes out of your Sunday morning to read about.

Recently, Textio (an augmented writing tool) released an infographic which analyzed the most commonly used phrases in job descriptions of 10 tech giants.

And it was really rather revealing…

Take Apple, for example. They often use words like comfortablymaintaining control, and empathetic when communicating about their culture.

Microsoft, on the other hand, uses driven personinsatiably, and competing.

Facebook likes to describe themselves with phrases like our familyruthlessly, and storytelling.

But Twitter prefers passion for learningdiverse perspectives, and nerd.

And while Netflix is likely to be found using phrases like weed outbull by the horns, and disciplined…

Amazon favors wickedlymaniacal, and fast-paced environment.

Pretty interesting, huh?

It’s amazing just how much you can tell about each company, just from 3 words/phrases that they commonly use to describe either themselves, or what they’re looking for in a hire.

Microsoft, for example, probably cultivate a competitive environment and value ambition. Twitter, however, want to fill their offices with intelligent, out-of-the box thinkers.

And Amazon? Well they’re clearly looking for people who have their finger on the pulse, wanting to drive innovation in their workplace.

This got me thinking; this infographic reveals something besides what the company culture of brands is actually like.

At the core, it reveals just how influential the words you choose to communicate about your business really are.

Think about it…

If, from just 3 words, we can form an opinion on what the company culture of tech giants like Netflix, Apple and Facebook are like, then what are the words you’ve chosen to describe your business telling people about you?

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When the language you use affects the first impression you make, you want to make sure you’ve got it right.

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