So you’ve recognized the value that a marketing agency could bring to your tech company, you’ve done your research and you’ve set up some calls with the front-runners.

Now what? How do you ensure that you get the most out of these conversations?

Well…You’ll need all of the information ready for the questions they will ask, in order to give them the best insight into your company and what it needs.

That way you’ll receive pitches that are specific and highly relevant, maximising what you get out of the relationship from the word go.

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The average online marketing agency will get the job done for you, but will your company see any measurable results?

At JTN, we care about marketing tech companies, which means we care about the outcome of our work. We don’t just want to finish a project and move on, we want to make sure our campaigns and strategies are working for your business. This is why we ensure that focus on “success criteria”…

What are ‘success criteria’?

When we work with clients, we always start with the end in mind by uncovering what it is that they are hoping to achieve by hiring a marketing agency. Then we work to quantify the objectives and set clear goals, which we call our success criteria.

Working towards success criteria is the backbone of our results-driven approach and we firmly believe it’s the reason we’re able to make such a noticeable difference in our clients’ firms.

With JTN you won’t get marketing for marketing’s sake. Just focused activity that drives your business in the direction you want it to go.

We offer a number of ready-made packages which you can check out, or (if you want to set up a call like we’ve described in our infographic) you can get in contact with Kelly on [email protected] or 1 (877) 465 7740 / (UK) +44 20 7099 5535.