1. Use your data.

We’ve all taken stab in the dark when it comes to running campaigns. But whilst that can sometimes work in your favour and yield results, more often than not it could have been done better with a little bit of insight.

Content that is informed by data will help you get to the final iteration, faster.

A marketing agency should have the tools and skills needed to construct a strategy that best fits your KPIs, ensuring that every dollar put into a campaign, is a dollar spent well.


2. Collaborate.

Team work makes dream work – at least it does in our office. Working with a likeminded business with a similar audience can do wonders. Think of them as B2B influencers.

Recently we teamed with MeetEdgar the social media scheduling tool. We created a video declaring our love for their platform. In return, they shared it with their database which was peppered with our ideal clients.

A marketing agency should be able to help you identify opportunities like this that allow you to tap into a resource that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.


3. Recycle

We love recycling so much here, it’s not just our trash that goes through the process.

We recycle the content we love too.

That blog you wrote on the rise of SaaS, the one that you’re really proud of? It can only go so far as a blog. But if you turn it into an audio blog, infographic or even a video, you’re giving it a new lease of life.

For example, we loved our Self-Managing Client Attraction Process as a guide BUT we knew it could go further. So, now it’s also available as a video. This means that it has the propensity to attract both the dedicated reader, and the fly-by video watcher.

If you’ve got a golden oldie sitting and collecting dust, a marketing agency should be able to help you spruce it up.


If you need help interpreting your data, if you’re unsure of what sort of collaboration will work for your firm, or if you’re in need of a creative team to make old content start returning investment again, then look no further. JTN specialises in beautiful content. If you’d like to have a chat about how we can help you, get in touch.