In June, it was announced that the UK is officially the tech unicorn capital of Europe.

‘What’s a tech unicorn?’ I hear you say, as images of robotic unicorns galloping down the streets of London are understandably swirling through your head.

Sadly, it’s not quite THAT exciting.

A tech unicorn is a private company that’s valued at $1 billion or more—a rare breed of company that’s usually achieved the seemingly impossible task of disrupting its industry.

The UK is currently home to 37% of Europe’s unicorns—more than any other country—with a number of up-and-coming companies on a trajectory to join the club very soon. For example, the digital bank, Monzo, is currently valued at $336 million and showing no signs of letting up any time soon.

The question is, how are they doing it? How do these unicorns turn their market on its head and create a new, magical world where they are top of their very own food chain?

According to Monzo’s Head of Marketing, Tristan Thomas (who we recently chatted to) it’s all about building a community, and connecting with that community through a resonant story.

You might be surprised to learn that Monzo spends very little on paid acquisition. Instead, they focus on involving people in their journey—bringing them closer to the brand.

Like us, they firmly believe that getting your audience to choose you over your competition is achieved by demonstrating that you get them—you understand their problems and how they want to solve them, more than anyone else out there.

At JTN, building a community through storytelling sits at the very core of who we are. That’s why we place such importance on content that consistently and comprehensively demonstrates who we, and our clients, are.

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