Would you say that you hand-on-heart understand what your audience truly wants, and not just what it tells you it wants?

Google Search Data suggests not.

Recent research has found that within the privacy of an internet browser and away from social bias, a person is more likely to search for what they truly want in order to generate the results they’re looking for.

For example, a client might ask a management consultant for advice on how to trim the fat of their organization’s headcount to improve the bottom line, but search Google for advice on how to avoid the real threat of bankruptcy…

This means that if the truth hinges on what is done rather than said, then asking your audience what it wants (via surveys or other data gathering methods) isn’t enough.

This begs the question then, that if there are facts about buying behavior that you are unaware of because people are reluctant to talk about them, how will you be able to make reliable, informed decisions?

The answer is to take metrics into account, but look beyond them.

While it may be tempting to draw conclusions solely from digital insights, you first need to suss out WHY an individual has searched for a particular term. This information comes from being physically and consistently present in their lives across the relevant online and offline channels, in order to understand the scope of their preferences and solve their problems.

(I’m talking about things like: hosting workshops and Q&A sessions with them, attending external events and trade shows, reading the same material they read, engaging with the same people they engage with, visiting their offices and speaking to others in the organization—activities that are deprioritized in favor of digital data collection methods that paint only half the picture.)

In other words, data is good, but you shouldn’t live and die by it.

Creating these opportunities for you to be seen and found by your audience is something we do very well here at JTN. We get our clients heard without having to shout by helping them dominate sprawling markets with a comprehensive presence that’s hard to ignore.

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