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Here you are, enjoying your mid-morning coffee, or winding down on your commute home, and you’re looking for a handful of insightful reads that not only pass the time but add value to your everyday…

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This is a place where we share our opinions on the news that’s either affected us or our clients in recent days and weeks. From current affairs, to changes in the industry, to popular psychology, we cover a range of topics that ensures the 5-minutes you have now are well spent.

Can you read the face of a clock?

The decline of analog I was recently discussing exams with a teacher friend, as you do, and they told me that schools now use a digital clock instead of an analog clock to time exams. This is because kids—who have grown up in our rapidly changing...

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Is that a tech unicorn in your pocket?

In June, it was announced that the UK is officially the tech unicorn capital of Europe. ‘What’s a tech unicorn?’ I hear you say, as images of robotic unicorns galloping down the streets of London are understandably swirling through your head. Sadly, it’s...

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Machine learning did NOT write this blog

Every week, JTN’s marketing team meets to look through the performance of the ads we’re running online, both for ourselves and our clients. We’re constantly looking for ways to optimize and improve their performance. We base our decisions on data, and the...

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GDPR – Don’t Zuck it up

Unless you live under a rock, then you’ll know that the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect later this month. In short, it’s a new regulation that will impact any firm, anywhere in the world, offering a product or service to...

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