In recent years, you may have heard the brands around you discussing the importance of having a content strategy. But what makes having a content strategy suddenly so vital in the B2B marketing space?

The answer is actually quite simple–it’s a cheap, effective way to generate new leads.


Not too long ago, the go-to tactics for firms trying to win new clients were to either wait for referrals to trickle in, or to build aggressive sales teams to hunt for business. While these approaches worked well for some time, referral-dependent firms grew impatient and the victims of pushy salespeople grew frustrated, consciously avoiding sales conversations and the people instigating them.

Meanwhile, the internet was booming. Search engines were growing rapidly and people began to realise that they could turn to places like Google or Bing for the answers to their problems. Not only that, but once they found the solution they were looking for, they could access the contact details of a person or company for further conversations–on their own terms.

Thus content marketing was born…

Brands quickly caught on and began publishing search engine optimized content that answered their target audience’s key questions. This began attracting prospects to their websites where they would happily hand over their contact details in exchange for information and insight.

As a result, referral-reliance and outbound marketing approaches (i.e. aggressive sales tactics) took a backseat to leveraging inbound marketing tactics for lead generation.

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The bottom line is this: it’s easy to get excited by the idea of new clients coming to you (instead of you having to always hunt them down), but in order to avoid wasting valuable time generating content that doesn’t convert business, it’s essential that you implement a content strategy.

When content marketing first came onto the scene, brands began tirelessly producing and pushing out material in the hopes of generating a flurry of web traffic and new business inquiries. In theory, this was great, but many brands weren’t seeing the kind of returns they were expecting. This was because:

  • the content didn’t appeal to the right prospects who were ‘ready to buy’ or to those teetering on the edge
  • no thought was given to search engine optimization to ensure the content was highly visible
  • calls-to-action in the content were either ineffective or missing, and,
  • there were no follow-up strategies in place to ensure leads didn’t go ‘cold’ or fizzle out

In order to see a return on your content marketing, it’s crucial that you take the time to plan for each of the above. Developing your content strategy ahead of content creation will save you time and money, and ensure you collect and engage the right leads to close into sales.

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