First-class marketing at a ‘no-frills’ price – that’s what this quick start digital marketing basics package is all about.

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or simply looking to turbocharge your current efforts, we’ll help you get to grips with digital marketing basics to build an online presence that attracts the right kind of clients to your business.


Let’s face it, growth is your goal. Like any driven business owner, you want your firm to flourish and experience a steady flow of leads and inquiries.

This is why we offer one-to-one marketing consulting services, with the most senior and savvy members of the JTN team, that focus on your business growth, efficiency, and profitability.


B2B content acts like a brand ambassador that never sleeps. When used right, it serves as both a valuable resource for your ideal clients – like attracting them to your brand – and validation of your firm’s knowledge and expertise. When you’re supported by our comprehensive content marketing services, it means that instead of always having to scavenge for your next client, the right people come to you!


Lead generation tools are the answer to the client-engagement conundrum. As you know, in today’s competitive marketplace, getting in front of the right clients is harder than ever. That’s because buyers want something in return for their willingness to connect with your brand, and that ‘something’ needs to be of value to them.

MORE Score is one of our most successful interactive lead generation tools that is customized to engage your ideal clients and collect leads for your business.


Just as your marketing needs to be aligned with your business goals, so does your team. Firms are most effective when the people responsible for its success are consistently performing to the best of their abilities. However, that can only happen if the right foundations are in place (e.g. employee and team development plans, adequate business, client or marketing training etc.)

In order to facilitate effective team performance, it’s your job to motivate and inspire your people to achieve their goals, excel in specific areas, and ultimately deliver results.


Our clients gravitate to us because of our strategic lead generation services…

We don’t implement cookie-cutter solutions, we don’t drag our heels and we don’t pretend to know your firm better than you. Instead, our lead generation services help you to build strategic campaigns that spark conversations with the right people – and we give you the tools to follow through!