Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation tools are the answer to the client-engagement conundrum. As you know, in today’s competitive marketplace, getting in front of the right clients is harder than ever. That’s because buyers want something in return for their willingness to connect with your brand, and that ‘something’ needs to be of value to them.

MORE Score is one of our most successful interactive lead generation tools that is customized to engage your ideal clients and collect leads for your business.

Often taking the form of a quiz or scoring tool, where the user journey ends with a personalized result, we specially design each MORE Score (and our other lead generation tools) so that it’s interesting and relevant to your prospects, as well as informative and growth-inducing for your firm.

Case Study

To give you an idea of what’s possible with a MORE score, we recently collected 18 phone numbers in less than two weeks for one accounting firm. How did we do it? Let’s take a look:


We designed a tool to help firms assess the quality of their current accountant and advertised it to a network of right-fit BUSINESS OWNERS. The business owners were then asked to complete a few questions about their company and their accountancy support, and were then taken to an appropriate results screen according to their answers. 


IF their current accountant scored high (which means they’re really good and have no need for OUR client’s services) we simply added the lead to our client’s regular database. BUT if their current accountant scored average or poor, the lead was offered a free phone consultation with our client, and then entered into a carefully designed email sequence to continue to warm them to our client’s services. We handed over 18 phone numbers in less than 2 weeks from people we KNOW NEED and WANT the services our client provides!



Your customers’ needs are changing daily. Some will peel away naturally, but when you start losing those who bring in the most profit altogether (the 20% that generate more than 80% of the income), your business is at risk. JTN’s research team will continually assess the market and your audience’s needs to develop a custom interactive lead generation tool that addresses their pain points and delivers a solution, so you’re not blindsided by these shifts again.


The MORE Score online lead generation tool is proven to generate the amount and quality of leads your advertising budget allows for. Your custom MORE Score is designed and built by us, and then pushed out to your target audience, which means you ONLY get contact information (including names, email addresses, and telephone numbers) from leads who have identified a need for your services, are warmed to your offering, and are ready for you to close into clients.


Low-cost, high-ROI marketing strategies make it possible for you to increase your sales without the hefty price tag. The team will build you a fully fleshed out, end-to-end MORE Score campaign, which ensures every vital cog in the growth machine is present and accounted for. This includes a carefully written email sequence, ad design and optimisation, and lead reporting, which not only gets you from A to B, but gives you full visibility on the tool’s performance and how much demand there is for your services.


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