There are two types of firms; those that implement a marketing strategy, and those that execute what we call “random acts of marketing”.

The difference comes down to one thing – having a plan.

A marketing strategy is a carefully co-ordinated plan that helps a brand achieve specific goals, whereas random acts of marketing are sporadic marketing efforts implemented haphazardly.


It’s not uncommon for firms to survive on random acts of marketing alone, but it’s rare for them to thrive with that approach. Posting on social media occasionally, publishing the odd advertisement or dabbling in blogging ISN’T enough for a business to reap the kind of measurable benefits that will help them grow.

If you want your brand to stand apart from the competition, reach the right audience and forge long-term connections with prospects, it’s essential to blueprint your approach with a strategic marketing plan.

Because, as the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

Not getting results with your current marketing? Talk to us about implementing a more strategic marketing approach for your business.


Developing a strategic marketing plan can seem like a daunting task, but once it’s complete you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one!

The basic components of an effective marketing strategy include a:

  • situation analysis, including an overview of your company and it’s products or services
  • breakdown of your target audience, including specific demographic information and insight into their wants, needs and challenges
  • list of the marketing goals you want to achieve
  • detailed plan of the tactics and campaigns you plan to use to reach your goals
  • marketing budget

Arguably the most important and time-consuming part of developing a marketing strategy is determining which tactics and campaigns your brand should implement in order to reach your goals. This can be particularly difficult if you’re unfamiliar with how to design and execute multi-channel campaigns that actually generate an ROI.

If you’re unsure of which strategies and tactics will help you meet your goals, get in touch! We’ve worked with businesses all over the world to implement strategic marketing campaigns that generate new leads, win new business and produce measurable results.

Not getting results with your current marketing? Talk to us about implementing a more strategic marketing approach for your business.


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