What is a Marketing Strategy?


According to Google, a marketing strategy is a game plan for how you are going to promote your business.

Simple, to the point, and… almost always the reason that a business’ marketing strategy FAILS to deliver the results it’s after.

You see, without a specific end-goal in mind—without considering how your marketing activities will feed into your wider business objectives—this kind of marketing strategy is nothing more than ad-hoc, disconnected efforts that keep you busy but don’t actually do anything.

Here at JTN, we call these ‘random acts of marketing’, and they’re the bane of our existence…

(Ironically, they’re also the number one reason businesses come to us for help, so we can’t complain too much.)

What Google should actually say, is this: 

A marketing strategy is a game plan for promoting your business that ties into your wider objectives, so that it produces the results you’re after.

Simple, specific, and exactly how we do things here at JTN. 

We expertly combine the perfect blend of marketing activities, which could include anything from social media marketing right through to direct mail campaigns, in order to achieve the only result our clients care about…


JTN… helping our clients win their clients





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